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at the end of a reorganization process, Partecipazioni SpA, with its great experience gained in the industrial research sector by its subsidiaries and its know-how in the support of the innovative start-ups and spin-offs, the Company is focused particularly on the investments in activities dedicated to Life Sciences, also initiatives where the track records gained in its history can be applied.

Technology transfer services

<< The Technology transfer (TT) is a process through which knowledge, technologies, production methods, prototypes and services developed by research centers, universities, companies and individuals, can be made accessible to a wide range of users to develop and leverage technology to create new products, processes, applications, materials or services. >>

The Technology Transfer Lab realized by Partecipazioni SpA, supports all the necessary activities through the examination of the road map in accordance with the start-up operational team. As a result of the consolidated and efficient work team and through the partnerships created in the scientific, financial and academic field, the Company intervenes actively since the initial feasibility analysis to the establishment of the future start-up, with the aim to attract a risk capital useful for sustaining the phase of technology transfer. "Research for go to market".

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